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Tarvitsetko inspiraatiota majoitusta varten? Hotel Payal, Hotel Payal Khajuraho sekä Hotel Payal-Mptdc ovat parhaiten arvosteltuja hotelleita kohteessa Khajuraho perustuen käyttäjien arvosteluihin. Skyscannerin hotellit ovat helppo, nopea ja yksinkertainen tapa järjestää majoitus. Muutamalla klikkauksella voit helposti etsiä, vertailla ja varata majoituksesi kohteessa Khajuraho klikkaamalla itsesi suoraan hotellin tai matkatoimiston sivustolle. Majoitukseesi ei lisätä piilokuluja, kun varaat meiltä. Aloittaaksesi, lisää valitut matkapäivät hakupalkkiin, ja anna meidän auttaa etsimään parhaat hotellitarjoukset. Tai vaihtoehtoisesti, voit valita ylläolevista hotellivaihtoehdoista.

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Claudia Tavani
Claudia TavaniCagliari

Stunning complex in Madhya Pradesh that is an absolute must for anybody visiting the state. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is also known for its erotic carvings. The volume of artwork at these temples is simply incredible. Give yourself enough time to visit it properly as it is truly worth it. Go on a guided tour to fully appreciate the artwork and the history.

Easy Tours of India
Easy Tours of IndiaAustin

The Khajuraho Group of Monuments would hold particular interest for enthusiasts of history, architecture, romance, spirituality as well as culture and philosophy.

Margot B
Margot BPortland

People often refer to the temples of Khajuraho as the "sex temples" or "kama sutra temples" and it's no wonder why. The 10th-12th century monuments here are adorned with relief sculptures depicting scenes from everyday life, including a number of sexual positions and partner combinations. While sex certainly helps sell the temples as a tourist attraction, there are plenty of scenes that are considerably more mundane by modern standards (people working, etc), but which shed an interesting light on how everyday people in the region lived some thousand-plus years ago.

India travelz
India travelzTel Aviv

n the heart of the wilderness in the state of Madhya Pradesh located in the centre of northern India lies Khajuraho. It is a place that is far from any other city and here lies an amazing complex of some of the most beautiful temples that you can see in India. The Khajuraho temples are known to be some of the most unique and intriguing in the world due to the thousands of enigmatic sexual sculptures that adorn the temple walls. Arriving to Khajuraho is not that easy but once you arrive you know it was worth the journey. Just wonder around the massive complex by foot or bike and your jaw will drop in amazement that man could build such perfection. the mystery of the temples: The temples of Khajuraho are not a creation or a vision of one man alone. They are a unique and intriguing phenomenon that no scholar knows why they were built and what caused this outburst of such utterly passionate, sensual and highly erotic sculptures. Even Indians do not know exactly how to place the story of these temples in relation to their culture and how to present them to the world. How to get there? Khajuraho is a small and pleasant town. There is a large variety of accommodation and places to eat. The temples are close to town and are very easy to reach. The triangle of three main airports: Agra, the city of Taj Mahal; Khajuraho, the city of the erotic temples; and Benares or Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges, are busy with thousands of Western tourists. Most of the tourists that want to visit Khajuraho fly on the busy tourist route connecting Delhi with Agra and continue to Benares. A more interesting way if you have the time, is to get to Khajuraho via land from the south through two other fascinating places: Orchha, a city of magnificent ruins and palaces located in beautiful countryside, or from Sanchi, there is the great stupa and considered as one of the most important Buddhist sites in India.


Edullisin kuukausi on kesäkuu, jonka keskiarvohinta on 12 € per yö. Kaikkein kallein kuukausi Khajurahossa yöpymiseen on syyskuu, jonka keskiarvohinta 15 €ssa on per yö.
Keskiarvohinta hotellille lokakuussa viime vuonna oli 13 € per yö. Tämä on 4 % edullisempi kuin keskiarvohinta 14 € per yö viimeisen 12 kuukauden ajalta.
Kohteessa Khajuraho odotettu keskilämpötila kuukautena lokakuu on 26,5 °C/79,6 °F. Lämpimin kuukausi on yleensä toukokuu, jonka keskilämpötila on 41,2 °C/106,2 °F. Viilein kuukausi on tammikuu, jonka keskilämpötila on 9,3 °C/48,7 °F.
Kohteen Khajuraho lähin lentokenttä on Khajuraho (HJR) (0,90 km).

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