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Tarvitsetko inspiraatiota majoitusta varten? Residentsiya (Izvolte) Hotel, Marins Park Hotel Rostov sekä Ostrovsky Hotel ovat parhaiten arvosteltuja hotelleita kohteessa Rostov-na-Donu perustuen käyttäjien arvosteluihin. Skyscannerin hotellit ovat helppo, nopea ja yksinkertainen tapa järjestää majoitus. Muutamalla klikkauksella voit helposti etsiä, vertailla ja varata majoituksesi kohteessa Rostov-na-Donu klikkaamalla itsesi suoraan hotellin tai matkatoimiston sivustolle. Majoitukseesi ei lisätä piilokuluja, kun varaat meiltä. Aloittaaksesi, lisää valitut matkapäivät hakupalkkiin, ja anna meidän auttaa etsimään parhaat hotellitarjoukset. Tai vaihtoehtoisesti, voit valita ylläolevista hotellivaihtoehdoista.

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Vysakh Suryanarayanan
Vysakh SuryanarayananRostov-na-Donu

Things to see and do in Rostov-on-Don. Let's start at the huge central park in the city center on (Bolshoi Soldova), or big garden street. This park is located in the city center and had a huge statue of Lenin near the front enterance. Often there are people there that are selling Russian nesting dolls, wooden spoons, bowels, and almost anything else. Sometimes old men and women sell old coins, war medals etc. On the east end of the park is where you will find people selling works of art at very good prices. At the back far end of the park look to your left, is a museum. Just before you get to the museum is a restaurant named the gold fish or golden fish. You will know you are there because of the large GOLD FISH over the door. (See you don't need to know Russian all of the time). This place has some of the best food in Rostov, (Russian & French foods). The park has rides for kids, stands for ice cream, candy etc. There is a large beer tent, wine and other drinks also. Live music. A theater stage and so on. You could spend a day there. After the museum if you continue out the back exit of the park, you will be on Pushkin skya street, (named after the famous Russian poet). Turn to your right and you will find the Rostov art gallery accross the street. Continue east and you will be at one of the 3 McDonalds restaurants in Rostov. If you want to shop, just walk up and down both sides of the garden street. For the cheapest nesting dolls and such, walk east of the par a little ways and on the north side of the street will be a woman or two set up with a table selling all sorts of things, (on the side walk in front of a building). They are there most days. East of there, (the park) about 2 miles is the live theater, ballet theater, and opera house. These are big buildings on both sides of the street next to the big fountain park. You can not miss it as in the center of the park is a huge fountain that is lit up at night with music. Go west of the (huge city center garden park) (where Lenin is) about 1-2 blocks on the south side of the garden street you will find another McDonalds. This one is in the ground floor of a huge department store. (Higher prices) than the huge market area that I will talk of soon, but huge selection of everything you could want. If you walk south on the street the mcDonalds is on you will see the oldest and largest Russian Orthodox church in all of Rostov. For some reason Lenin and or Stalin did not tear this church down? It was the only one to make it through soviet times. Go inside, the paintings on the ceilings are like the ones in the sisteen chapel. Just south of the church look to your left, that hole city block area, (inside of the buildings) and outside of the buildings is the huge flea market/kind of swap mart area. Cloths, food, any and everything you may want is there. Continue south of there down the hill and you will be at the Great Don river. Look to your left and you will see a large ship that offers short rides up and down the Don. Also you will see an old looking wooden boat that is a floating restaurant. Rostov also has a huge zoo, and a huge circus. Both are maybe the oldest in all of europe. Maybe my favorite restaurant of all is just east of the big garden park (but on the south side). It is called sticks or branches (but in Russian). Inside is a huge fake tree. It has a buffet, or table service, and also you can walk through a line and take food ala'cart like a cafateria and only pay for what you take. Prices are not bad. But drinks (pop, juice, etc) are not? Just look to your right as you walk east on the south side of the big garden street from the big (Lenin statue) park and you will see many tables with people setting at them very close to the windows, and you will have found the place. Good luck to you, and have a good time in Rostov. I would suggest the Rostov Hotel to stay at. The Congress is a little nicer, but is the highest cost hotel in all of Rostov. About $250.00

Вася  Бобочкин
Вася Бобочкин

Giannis Vargiakakis
Giannis Vargiakakis

Виктор Белый
Виктор Белый


Edullisin kuukausi on marraskuu, jonka keskiarvohinta on 36 € per yö. Kaikkein kallein kuukausi Rostov-na-Donussa yöpymiseen on kesäkuu, jonka keskiarvohinta 77 €ssa on per yö.
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